About Us


Saville House School is more than just somewhere that teachers give lessons. Nestled in Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire surrounded by an acre of walled gardens our highly-qualified and inspiring teachers and staff use their educational expertise and experience to provide all pupils with the best primary education, that sets them up for success in the rest of their time at school. 


Our beautiful grade two listed school has built around 300 years ago and has been a school for around 65 years. One of the most important developments in the schools progress has been the merger, in 2004, of Saville House and Mansfield Preparatory School. The merger has resulted in considerable improvements in both resources and structure of the school and has ensured the long term future of the school.


Since opening, we have lived by our school "moto", which is listed under our coat of arms in our logo. Our school motto "Fortier, Fideliter and Feliciter" which translates, from Latin, as Fearlessly, Faithfully and Successfully is woven into the fabric of Saville House School and are three pillars that all teachers, pupils and parents are asked to live and breath during their time with us.


Our Ethos and Aims


  • We encourage our pupils to develop their social skills and give them room for personal development.
  • We encourage our pupils to strive towards meaningful goals and support them as they solve the problems they encounter so that they gain increased levels of autonomy.
  • Our philosophy is applied to all levels of our teaching plan. Pupils are encouraged to get involved in designing the way that they are taught.
  • In short, we encourage our pupils to develop their own personality and to discover their own individual paths towards adulthood.


Past, Present and Future


For us, it’s so important that we learn from the past, live in the present and plan for the future. Our history is something we are incredibly proud of and a fantastic tool to utilise to ensure that we learn from it. At Saville House School we have what we call our “master plan” it’s something we have in place to ensure that we continue to make history by putting in place sustainable provisions for the future. Throughout 2020 we will be adding to our master plan so watch this space.


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