Children with Additional Needs (SEND)

With support from a dedicated SEND team, and a supportive school community - our teaching is geared up to ensuring the best possible outcome for our students. Whatever that is. As a proudly broad-ability school, we know every child has their own set of skills and abilities and that what works for one child, may not work for another. So our teaching is based around caring for the individual. 

For all pupils, this means high-quality classroom teaching, taking account of the needs of pupils in pursuit of success - and where necessary, this may also mean in-class support from Teaching Assistants and 1:1 lessons with qualified Special Education Needs staff. Together with our structures that enable speedy interventions when any pupil is struggling, as well as specialist subject clinics, strong pastoral care and small classroom sizes, our pupils have every opportunity to thrive. For many pupils with SEND needs, our support comes from the right setting and teaching to accommodate their learning style, but in situations where there is a greater need, we have the infrastructure to help. Whether that is in the classroom, or with additional 1:1 sessions.

Saville House School has a long-standing reputation of dealing with individuals with different needs. We have, or have had, pupils with dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, Asperger’s and autism – and seen great success, academically and personally. The principal aim of our school is to provide a stimulating, challenging and caring environment, which allows every child to develop to their full potential - educationally, physically and socially. In essence - if we think we can support, we will. Before the admission of SEND children, you and your child will need to attend some consultation sessions to ensure that we are fully able to accommodate your child. This does not guarentee admission and in some cases we will not be able to help.

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